CEO Message

This section contains the message of Sam Corps’ CEO

CEO Message

Nazir Ahmad Ghyasi

“As CEO and President of the Sam Corps, I welcome everyone to visit our website. Sam Corps is a well-established team specializing in the design, supply, installation and construction of Infrastructure, Power, Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical projects. We have offices operating, in Turkey, Central, and the MENA region.

From the beginning of our establishment in 2014, we have been highly successful in executing engineering projects.

Our team offers a complete and diverse set of electrical and construction services with an emphasis that has been and will continue to be on quality, project budget, health and safety of our workers, and the environment. Our experienced Technical and Management staff permit us to offer organizations such as yours, an opportunity to benefit from our construction techniques and project management methodologies.

I, as CEO and President, personally look forward to receiving your inquiries and to assure you of our fullest attention.