Our Guiding Principles

This section contains information about the guiding principles of Sam Corps


The Principles We Follow

Our guiding principles are designed to ensure that we respond to the needs of all our stakeholders. They drive a number of policies, programs and best practices that help ensure that projects are successfully implemented on a daily basis.

Human rights:

We respect the dignity and human rights of those affected by our activities, without prejudice of any sort.

Health and Safety:

We plan to do nothing to harm our employees or those impacted by our activities. We will introduce efficient health and safety management systems, follow best available practices and involve our people and business partners to achieve continuous improvement in results.


We seek to protect the environment and maintain an ecological balance by implementing successful environmental management programs, following best practices and engaging our people and business partners in continuous improvement of results.

Ethical Business Conduct:

We apply only the highest standards of ethics in everything we do-acting in ways that conform with or exceed the relevant laws, complying with our contractual obligations, preventing conflicts of interest, keeping company data correct, confidential and safe and avoiding all forms of corruption.

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace:

We respect the diversity of our people and will use this to grow our Community. We respect the rights of our employees to equal opportunities and non-discrimination in the workplace, to arrange collective representation in compliance with the laws in the places they are working, to be informed of acts and decisions adversely affecting them in the workplace and be given fair opportunity to respond to them, to have any personal data kept by our team treated confidentially.

Public Support:

We continue to consult and support the societies in which we work – striving to contribute to their economic and social well being. We will also support charitable, educational and cultural causes through direct gifts, in-kind support and employee fund-matching schemes.


Professionalism underpins all our operations. In addition, we promote a dynamic and co-operative approach, supporting customers in their quest for innovative ideas and methods of working. We believe innovation and creativity are important for the future of our Group by enhancing our capacity for growth and development.

Openness and Transparency:

Openness and openness are principles driving all facets of our external and internal partnerships. We create trust with consumers, shareholders and other interested parties through the publication of accurate, reliable data. We cultivate collaboration and promote synergies through our Community of companies, through the sharing of information and best practices.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Management Rigor:

We promote an entrepreneurial approach by decentralizing decision making and holding it within a clearly established policy structure. This strategy allows local managers and their teams to determine better how to meet their business goals. Much of our guiding principles reflect our commitment to sustainability – and a sustainable strategy is being increasingly developed across our sector as it is in the wider market. Beyond that, they ask us to work in a way that will help our company and our customers’ business prosper, being attentive, open and innovative in our work.