Project Management Policy (PMP)

This section contains information about PMP service of Sam Corps

Project Management Policy (PMP)

Project Management Policy of Sam Corps

Our project managers are responsible for the implementation of projects and successful customer relations through meeting customer standards. To be partners with customers to produce a quality project within the time table of the customer and within the budget of the customer. The key objective is to produce projects as per contract specification, with top quality, on time, within the budget and meeting environmental, safety and health standards.

The basic criteria of our Project Management Strategy are:

  • Ensure compliance with the provisions of the contract.
  • Ensure that all consumer and organization policies and practices are followed.
  • Ensure that the project is implemented in compliance with international standards and quality products/workmanship.
  • Ensure the participation of line management in and accountability for project success.
  • Establish and sustain good project management processes and organizations.
  • Using effective project management resources and skilled staff.
  • Develop and introduce systems to institutionalize project management capabilities.