Quality Policy (QC)

This section contains information about quality policy of Sam Corps


Quality Policy of Sam Corps

The goals of our team are to achieve success in the execution of projects. To ensure that checks and balances are carried out in the process and to ensure that what is sold is delivered in the most cost-effective manner, with the corresponding quality, on time. This, in turn, would contribute to customer satisfaction and to profitable growth.

Specific criteria of the Community Quality Policy:

  • To ensure adherence, follow international standards.
  • Satisfying our Customer by actively tracking the delivery of services to fulfill the requirements of the Customer.
  • Improving the performance of all internal processes and operations, while also reducing losses and waste.
  • Working with our suppliers in a process that increases efficiency and reliability.
  • Motivating our teams and acknowledging the progress made.
  • Implementation of experience and lessons gained from completed projects to enhance the efficiency of new projects.