Sam Corps Production’s Ranges of Steel Panel boards are Designed for Safety, Reliability and Availability in any Electrical Project. All Sam Corps Products incorporate unique design features making installation and modification and easy operation and less time consuming. These units are designed to suit in residential, commercial and industrial installations. They are easy to install, highly reliable and in accordance with relevant International Standards .

Low voltage is a relative term, the definition varying by context. Different definitions are used in electric power transmission and distribution, and in the electronics industry. Electrical safety codes define “low voltage” circuits that are exempt from the protection required at higher voltages. These definitions vary by country and specific code.

In the electrical power supply industry, ‘low voltage’ most commonly refers to mains voltage or power transmission lines. “Low voltage” in this context still presents a risk of electric shock, but only a minor risk of electric arcs through the air.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) defines supply system low voltage as voltage in the range 50–1000 V AC or 120–1500 V DC.

British Standard BS 7671:2008 defines supply system low voltage as:

  • 50–1000 V AC or 120–1500 V ripple-free DC between conductors;
  • 50–600 V AC or 120–900 V ripple-free DC between conductors and Earth