Renewable Energy


The dwindling fossil fuel resources, and their associated greenhouse gas emissions that significantly contribute to the global warming, are encouraging nations to move toward Renewable Energy Sources (RES). Among the RES, Photovoltaics (PV) systems are one of the most economically viable options. In the recent years, economy of scale and subsidizes from the governments have considerably reduced the cost per MWh of PV systems, and it can even compete with the conventional technologies, such as Coal and Nuclear.

In some situations, such as Afghanistan where the transmission and distribution networks are not well developed, investment in PV system is more beneficial than the centralized conventional technologies

In Afghanistan, approximately a quarter of the population is connected to the national grid and have access to electricity. Nonetheless, the Afghanistan National Grid, which consists of North East Power System (NEPS), South East Power System (SEPS) and some other islands can be considered as one of the most unreliable systems in the world with lots of power quality issues.

As a result, to increases the citizens’ access to electricity, the Government of Afghanistan (GoA) and its international partners are planning to promote PV systems across the country. Thus, Afghanistan is one of the most suitable countries to start a renewable energy business.


Sam Corps will be actively involved in Afghanistan Renewable Energy Projects, by having technical Relationship with International Companies who have qualifying experience on design, Implementation and Commissioning of renewable energy projects around the world. We also assigned a dedication team of skilled personnel for renewable projects.

We are Interested and Ready to Work on PV-Solar Farm Projects, as Experienced local Partner.